Remote working is certainly nothing new but for many businesses and for people right throughout the world, Covid-19 has become the largest work-from-home experiment in history. Even with multiple vaccines gearing up for distribution, we are likely to continue seeing rolling lockdowns over the next number of months and it will still be sometime before everything starts returning to normal.

Whatever the driver for remote working, from the coronavirus pandemic to employees who prefer the flexibility of working from home, many workplaces have been thoroughly changed. That means however that structures and new procedures must be put in place to support staff to work from home and businesses to thrive in this new environment.

It might be possible to forward calls from your main business phone number to an employee’s mobile phone, however that can be very expensive and limiting. Thankfully, Cloud technology offers a range of benefits that can transform your remote working requirements and even help enhance your team’s productivity.

Not only can Cloud technology transform the productivity and functionality of a business, it has the potential to cut costs, meaning that remote working is an option for teams in the longer term even after the pandemic has passed.

Recently we helped a business with 15 remote working staff to order a new phone system using Cloud technology. Once staff logged onto their PC at home and connected to their phone system, the receptionist was easily able to answer and direct incoming calls to staff, just as if they were working back in the office!

Cloud technology for telephone systems offers a range of benefits including:

Call forwarding

Cloud technology’s advanced call forwarding functionality means that even if your office-based internet service provider goes down, you can log in to your Cloud dashboard and temporarily direct incoming calls to any other landline or mobile number.

Virtual reception

When your team is busy attending to other calls or tied up in Zoom meetings, a virtual reception can be set up using Cloud-based software. Not only will this software automatically log information about your incoming calls but it can also provide a friendly voice which takes messages, adds meetings to your calendar, and
even creates job tickets in external portals any time you or your other staff are otherwise engaged.

Time-of-day routing

To ensure all incoming calls are routed to the right person, time-of-day routing allows for customised call forwarding rules based on set schedules for the time that each call comes in. No more missed calls during lunchbreaks!

Mobile call recording

Cloud‐based call recording software is a simple yet scalable solution that monitors, captures, and records all business-related calls and texts, whether for dispute resolution or compliance requirements.

Centralised platform

Cloud-based phone systems work on the internet so all of your communications are hosted on a single, centralised platform online. That means there’s no need to modify any of your existing telecommunication infrastructure or technology.

Call reporting

Cloud-supported analytics software allows for a variety of call reporting functionality which includes a variety of charts and reports. This can help you to identify missed key performance indicators (KPIs) and other areas needing improvement, which can help drive changes required to grow your business.

TLS/SRTP security

Cloud technology also allows for TLS/SRTP support to ensure your data and conversations are both completely secure. In simple terms, TLS provides you with the same reliable and secure transfer of data as normal mobile phones, while SRTP allows for secure encryption of voice conversations.

Call conferencing

Cloud technology provides a variety of capabilities for call conferencing within the same single platform. This offers several real-world solutions designed to provide immediate access and direct control over all conference calls.

Video conferencing

Cloud technology also provides a platform for video conferencing and collaboration with the highest-quality video experience possible. This includes a variety of video conferencing features, with significant control over guests, recording, backgrounds, and exchange of data and other documentation.

Optimise remote working with Cloud technology

As experts in Cloud technology phone systems, Ashbourne Communications can get your remote staff work-ready with all the features they need for a seamless phone system and maximum productivity, just like they were still working in the office. We can simplify the whole process while providing you with a tailored and cost-effective solution which will add value to your business over the long term.

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