It is important to remember that a phone is never just a phone.

The capacity of phone systems, features and accessories differ considerably, especially considering that today’s unified business phone systems are no longer just tools for making and receiving phone calls.

The business phone system market has grown considerably and now offers a variety of different options. Phone systems can now provide businesses with the flexibility to connect with customers however, they like, whether via audio, text, or even video. While that means there might be more involved in choosing a system, your communications infrastructure is an essential aspect of your business and demands a tailored solution to meet your requirements. While a new system might involve greater investment, you would be pleasantly surprised by the positive impact is has on your bottom line down the track.

Cost matters

Budget is always an important consideration in any decision you make for your business. However, while a cheaper phone system might save you money in the short term, a system that doesn’t fulfill your needs can end up costing you a lot more in the long run, both in terms of the cost of replacing a system for one that works optimally, and the sales you might have lost in the meantime. If you plan to grow your business, you need to make sure your telephone system supports your growth targets otherwise you might find it difficult to add additional phone lines, integrate accessories and support communications between your staff and customers. These are just some of the pitfalls of installing the wrong phone system simply because it was the cheaper option.

Think about your needs now and in the future

When you consider that most business will use their phone system for the best part of a decade, it is vital that you consider not only your current requirements but also think about what you may need in the future. Your phone system is an investment; imagine getting three years down the track and finding it can’t do the job you want it to! If this does happen, you’ll most likely have no choice but to reinvest in the phone system you should have bought originally.

Landline or IP telephony?

There are many considerations when deciding between using a traditional landline installed onsite or an internet-based system that carries your calls via your broadband line. While some businesses embrace modern IP technology and benefits of unified Cloud systems, there are some businesses that may actually still benefit from a traditional phone system and fixed line service. Just because an IP system will most likely be cheaper and offer more features, that doesn’t always mean it’s the most suitable option for your business. Think about where your business is located, what broadband is available and what you need your telephone system to do; for example, an in-house “legacy” system offers some unique features such as the option to connect your entry door phone to your PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange). So, we suggest you give us a call to discuss your requirements and find out the best options available to suit your needs.

Cost vs quality – we can advise you

Technology is continually changing and evolving, but it’s still crucial that you choose the right phone system for your business rather than the one you think will save you the most money. In the end, a phone system that doesn’t do what you need it to is really just an expensive paperweight! Need help choosing the right phone system – and not just the cheapest one? Give Ashbourne Communications a call today and we will support you with expert insight and genuine advice about a phone system that is tailored for your needs.

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