Network Cabling

Network Cabling – Cat 5e And Cat 6 Cabling From Ashbourne Communications

Ashbourne Communications offers a range of comprehensive services to meet your networking needs.

Our experienced team conducts thorough testing of your office’s cabling infrastructure, ensuring its reliability and efficiency. We specialize in seamlessly building WiFi networks tailored to your environment, from designing the layout to installing access points. Additionally, if you are planning an office relocation, our experts can assist you in moving your network infrastructure, minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth transition.

Trust Ashbourne Communications to handle all aspects of your networking requirements with our reliable, secure, and seamless solutions.

Network Cabling:

  • Cat5e and Cat6 Expertise: Our team specializes in Cat5e and Cat6 cabling, providing you with high-speed and reliable network connections.

  • Precision Installation: We ensure precise installation, organization, and labeling of cables to eliminate clutter and optimize network performance.

  • Custom Cabling Design: Tailored cabling solutions to meet your specific needs, including structured cabling, patch panels, and more.

  • Quality Materials: We use top-quality cables and components to guarantee long-lasting, efficient connections.

  • Network Optimization: Our cabling services are designed to enhance your network’s speed, security, and overall functionality

Wireless Access Points:

  • Strategic Placement: We strategically position wireless access points to ensure comprehensive coverage throughout your space, eliminating dead zones.

  • Enhanced Connectivity: Our solutions deliver high-speed Wi-Fi, enabling seamless browsing, streaming, and data access for your users.

  • Security: We prioritize network security by implementing encryption protocols and access controls to safeguard your data.

  • Scalability: Our wireless access point solutions are scalable, making it easy to accommodate growing network demands.

  • Maintenance and Support: We provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your wireless network remains reliable and up-to-date.

Phone System Relocation:

  • Seamless Transitions: We ensure a smooth transition of your phone system when moving to a new location, minimizing downtime and disruptions.

  • Expert Configuration: Our team is experienced in reconfiguring phone systems to match your new office layout and communication needs.

  • Quality Assurance: We conduct thorough testing and quality checks to guarantee that your phone system works flawlessly in its new environment.

  • Minimal Business Disruption: We aim to relocate your phone system without causing significant interruptions to your daily operations.

  • Adaptability: Whether you’re moving within the same building or to a completely new location, our services are adaptable to your unique requirements.

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"We needed a new phone system for our offices, and Ashbourne Communications were recommended to us. We were delighted with their response. They called out the very next day, quote provided and work commenced shortly after. We found Jim and his team to be very professional, and he has also given us excellent after care customer service since."
Jean Scully - Palmerstown, Dublin 20

"I was expecting disruption but this was one of the most pleasant experiences I have ever had with getting work done in the office. They were very respectful of our premises and delivered and installed a Panasonic phone system without any disruption to our business. Out of 10 I would give him 11."
John Dunne, Dublin 24

"I found Ashbourne Communications to be both able and efficient. They completed the installation of a new phone system in the office in quick time and at a very competitive cost. They arrived on the job when scheduled so there was no waiting around. All round, I was very pleased with the service."
Neil O'Connor - Marlborough Court, Dublin

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