Blueface is discontinuing its services, prompting the transition to Ashbourne Communications, a leading business phone solution, which offers call packages at affordable rates.

If you’re currently a Blueface customer, you might be anxious about transitioning smoothly now that your provider is discontinuing services. You may wonder how to swiftly and effortlessly migrate to Ashbourne Communications instead.

Why should you consider making the switch to us?

It’s quite straightforward. We’re a dedicated, Irish-based business-to-business telephony provider, serving numerous Irish businesses with top-tier VoIP-based Telephony solutions.

Here’s what sets us apart:

  1. Seamless Integration: Make and receive calls on your work number from any device, catering perfectly to remote and hybrid work setups.
  2. Number Portability: Retain your existing phone numbers from Blueface and easily add or remove numbers as needed.
  3. Unified Communication: Connect all your locations and employees, ensuring constant accessibility for your customers.
  4. CRM Integration: Integrate calling with leading CRM systems and collaborative tools like Salesforce, Zoho, and Microsoft Teams.
  5. Enhanced Features: Benefit from built-in on-hold messaging, comprehensive metrics, our Call Recording app, and a plethora of other features designed to elevate your business operations.
  6. Unlimited Call Packages: Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of our unlimited call packages, ensuring cost-effective communication for your business without any constraints on call durations or frequencies.

How is IP telephony different from traditional phone lines?

IP telephony is used to describe the exchange of data like voice, fax, and other types of phone information via the Internet. The main distinction between IP telephony and your traditional land lines is that with IP telephony, all your “phone lines” are carried over your broadband connection. That makes it easy to add more lines as your business grows, whereas traditional phone lines have to be physically installed at your premises by a qualified technician. IP telephony also offers free features such as call forwarding whereas extra features can become costly when using a traditional phone line.

Key benefits of IP telephony

IP telephony works via the Internet, which means that any business can access all of the advantages it offers without incurring any expensive costs. Because IP telephony services include call centre software and many other phone services that all work via the Cloud, even the initial installation and activation are extremely fast, simple, and
cheap by comparison to fixed line systems. Plus, when updates or changes are required, not only can you avoid incurring the costs involved with renewing outdated equipment, it can all be done online without having to call a technician to service the system at your office.

When it comes to costs and maintenance, IP Telephony also offers greater flexibility. For example, let’s say your business needs the call recording feature. If you are using IP Telephony call recording can be very easily added to your system with a simple software application. If however you have an in-house, fixed line system, you will need to source the hardware that supports the feature, and also have it physically installed.

Broadband speed matters

The secret to IP telephony is that you must have a strong broadband connection. If your broadband speed is too low, you cannot be guaranteed of a high enough quality service to support your IP telephone system, meaning that you could end up spending money on a system that doesn’t work to its full potential. To find out how fast your internet speed is, you should start by conducting an internet speed test (such as this one at on your broadband line. This will tell you how fast your internet connection is.

If you find your internet speed is not up to the required standard for IP telephony, it is important you explore all other possibilities for accessing faster broadband at your location. If your location however cannot achieve the broadband capacity required, we can provide you with advice about alternative options including an in-house telephone system. We are committed to finding the right phone system for your specific business requirements and infrastructure, and you can trust us to provide a phone service that will work for you.

IP Telephony is the future!

The digital transformation of business telephony facilitates better scalability and higher audio quality without being restricted to a single location. So, when it comes to the future of telephony, companies that haven’t already made the switch will most likely shift from their traditional phone system to IP telephony in the near future. To find out more about your options get in touch with Ashbourne Communications today and see how IP telephony can work for you.



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