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Make your business approachable with the correct Irish phone number! Choose from Freephone (1800), National (0818), or Geographic numbers (01, 02, 04), to meet your customer’s requirements. All our numbers are virtual and no fixed location is required.

Irish Freephone Numbers

1800 Phone Numbers

You may get more sales leads for your company by using 1800 numbers. Simply said, in a highly competitive environment, a potential customer is more inclined to make a free call than one that costs money.

When a call to an 1800 number is terminated, the charge is sent to the business rather than the caller.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Some matters have to be solved over the phone and by providing free calls, you automatically have an advantage over businesses that don’t.

Increase Advert Performance

Increase the conversion rates of your adverts by providing a recognisable number that has no cost to call.

Simple Setup Within Minutes

Quick and easy to setup you’ll have complete visibility of all numbers through a management interface

Irish National Numbers

o818 Phone Numbers

Don’t limit your business to your location. Increase the area you operate out of, with a National phone number.

0818 numbers are used throughout Ireland. They’re low-cost for customers and are charged at the local rate.

Ideal For Information And Service Calls

Create a nationwide presence for your services. Pass on valuable information to customers without incurring high-volume costs.

Northern Ireland And UK Landline Delivery

Allow customers from Northern Ireland and UK to call your business’s number.

No Additional Charges For Your Calls

When delivered via a landline, you won’t have any additional charges for received calls.

Numbers Based On Region

Irish Geographic Numbers 01, 02, 04

Geographic Irish phone numbers use fixed dialling codes for the region they represent. When calling a number within your area, there is no need to use the dialling code.

Ireland’s geographic dialling codes:
(01) Dublin
(02) Cork
(04) East, Midlands and Northern
(05) Midlands and Southeast
(06) Southwest
(07) Northwest
(09) West

Create Local Presence

If you’re targeting sales in a specific region, a geographic number is a great way to create a local presence.

Simple Calling

When calling a number within your area, there is no need to dial the dialling code.

Ready To Use

We’ll have your Geographic number set up quickly. It’ll be ready to use and we’ll guide you through the process.

Low-cost Phone Number Plans

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, we can provide virtual phone numbers suited for your needs. With no hidden fees, it’s flexible and cost-effective.


Instant Call Routing

Change your targeted phone number instantly. Divert calls to newly chosen numbers to best suit your customers.

Live Statistics

Handle changes to plans and view live statistics without even being in the office.


Make sure every phone call can be heard, even when you cannot answer.

Portal Management

Manage your virtual phone numbers, their features, and their usage all from a portal.

Disaster Recovery

Be alerted to traffic or spend levels above your normal expected volume and cap the spend.

Fraud Protection

Apply spending caps to your monthly bills and block unnecessary call locations.

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We’ll Manage the Whole Process

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Keep your existing business numbers

If you would like to keep your existing numbers we can port these over.

Business as usual

Customers and suppliers won’t notice the switch.

Easy for staff to learn

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