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eir – Network For a Nation

Great news from eir this week as they give homes and businesses something to smile about.

eir announced that their rollout of fibre braodband will extend beyond 1 million homes and businesses to reach a total of 1.2 million by June 2015.

It’s a commitment that no one else can rival and illustrates eir’s determination to keep delivering more breath, more scope and more reach for their customers.

But if that wasn’t enough, eir’s 4G mobile network will now enable customers to enjoy superior data and performance possibilities. eir are also launching a television service later this year nad their Wi-Fi network is the biggest in the country, covering over 1,800 locations with more hotspots arriving every day.

Because eir owns, builds, maintains and develops Ireland’s largest telecommunications infrastructure they connect more homes, businesses and communities, in more ways, in more places, than anyone else. It is the only network to stretch from one end of the island to the other.

That’s something that makes lives easier and business better all over the country.

Ashbourne Communications are proud to be an eir partner and are excited about these new developments. To take advantage of the latest eir services, just give us a call on 01-8352358

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