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eir hi-speed uses ISDN technology. ISDN stands for Integrated Services Digital Network. It’s simply a very quick way of sending data via a digital phone line. It’s speed and clarity mean you can use it to send and receive text, voice, fax, video and images in seconds.

eir hi-speed allows you to benefit from ISDN technology by upgrading your existing analogue phone line to a digital line.

ISDN Telephone Lines
An ISDN basic line rental contains 2 channels, each take many calls at a time.
An ISDN fractional line (FRA ISDN) contains between 16 and 30 channels, which take a heavy amount of call traffic
An ISDN primary line (PRA ISDN) contains 30 channels and takes a substantial amount of call traffic.

Benefits of ISDN Telephone Lines

  • More Direct Dial Numbers – With analogue lines each person who requires a personal number must have a dedicated line. With ISDN you would typically have say, 10 personal numbers but only have 4 actual lines
  • Extra Capacity – This means instead of a single analogue line returning the “engaged” tone, subject to one of the channels being free, the second call will still get through.
  • Faster Data Transfer – eir high speed ISDN lines enable you to transfer files faster directly over the ISDN network to another computer.
  • Multitasking – You can use your lines separately or simultaneously, so you can do multiple tasks at once.
  • Additional Phone Numbers – If you wish, you can have separate phone numbers for telephones or other devices connected to your circuit.


It’s not just big corporations that need high-quality telephone services. More and more people are working in small offices or at home. With our choice of high speed ISDN lines from eir you can enjoy exceptional line quality and fast and error free data transfer.