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eir broadband can help you save time by doing your daily tasks quicker. Ashbourne Communications can help you to open your business to new possibilities with the power of eir business broadband.

eir Business Broadband
Having access to fast eir business broadband allows for business opportunities that aren’t otherwise available.

A strong and reliable broadband connection for your business means there’s greater capacity to send and receive data. You can receive and send far more information to and from your computer in the same period of time.
This allows you to access the Internet, download files faster and send and receive emails quicker.

Benefits of eir business broadband

  • Enhance Communications – Improve communication with customers, suppliers and employees by harnessing the power of digital technology to provide the springboard for ensuring that reliable broadband connectivity delivers improved performance in your business
  • VOIP Services – eir business broadband allows customers to make and receive calls using IP (Internet Protocol) technology, with the ability to create additional ‘virtual’ phone lines without the need for installing extra physical lines.
  • Share Your Business Broadband Connection – With a high speed broadband connection, you can easily share connection to the Internet between several PCs and other network devices in your business.
  • Better Customer Service – You can deal with customers queries more quickly with an always on connection that eir business broadband provides.
  • Work Smarter With Suppliers – Cut down on travel, use video conferencing or set up an electronic data interchange (EDI) with your suppliers.

eir business broadband will deliver superfast speeds, even at the busiest times. You can get more done in less time and won’t be frustrated when downloading large files. Contact us at Ashbourne Communications to discuss how eirbusiness broadband can help make a profound impact on the way you grow your business.